Sean Keany

Artist Sean Keany graduated with honors from University of California, Santa Barbara with a studio art degree, and now lives in Encinitas, north of San Diego. He is deeply involved with the surf culture, farm to table eating, and his yoga practice, which all contribute to his natural, open and organic artistic process. Reflective of these pastimes, he lives an ethical, healthy lifestyle that respects the environment, and this deep integrity permeates all aspects of his art.

Nature itself is at the center of his circle of influences, which flows into his canvases. This way he avoids hierarchies, and allows for an organic and exciting creative process. For the artist, a simple glance over the dwindling dusk light on the ocean, or the slow growth of a new harvest, become the seeds that inspire him and grow into new artworks.

Painting in a spacious reclaimed greenhouse on his family's farm, he creates large-scale paintings with impassioned layers of ink, acrylics and mixed media. These aesthetically seductive works intertwine a keen artistic knowledge with spiritual elements and his highly original perspective on the natural world.

In his "Ports" and "Seasons" series, he works with expressive layers of color washes and concentric circles. These latter forms are geometric, organic and harmonious, alluding to concepts of cycles, ripples and seasons. As the circular motif becomes interlaced with others, captivating patterns and textures are created across the surfaces of his canvases.

Deeply hued blues and greens, aquatic purples and whites like ocean spray are the colors that Keany utilizes on this series. The artist is responsive to the spontaneous evolution of each work and uses the ambiguity offered by abstraction to his advantage. It becomes a way to allow viewers to interpret freely and find their own perspective in relation to his works. Never forced, the artworks progress at their own pace, and he ebbs and flows with them. The process of creating his art is a voyage in itself, and the final painting is the visual articulation of his initial ideas combined with his artistic expression.